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We are Truett-McConnell
We are Truett-McConnell: Tyler O'Rear
As his family life collapsed around him, Tyler O'Rear, a Truett-McConnell sophomore and wrestler, was pushed to seek the Lord and ultimately surrender his life to Christ.

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The speaker for chapel was Dr. Kurt Wise who serves as the Director of the Creation Research Center at Truett-McConnell College. He received his Ph.D. in Geology from Harvard University. Dr. Wise is an American "Young Earth" creationist. He gave his personal testimony, which he titled, "My Odyssey to God.”

His personal testimony focused on the fact that God has a plan for everyone’s life in which he works out all of the details to make us into what he has planned for each of us to be. His powerful testimony involved struggles with beliefs of evolution and thoughts of suicide, which ultimately brought him to an understanding of creation and God's grace. Dr. Wise closed by encouraging students to meet the Friend who had saved him and to embrace the Bible, which has become a reliable foundation for his life.
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