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Degree Program Purpose Statement for Bachelor of Arts in Music
(all 3 concentrations):

The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in Music is to prepare students to become accomplished musicians as they attain musical skills, knowledge, and experience within a liberal arts tradition that encompasses a Christian worldview. The BAM is designed for students who demonstrate aptitude for music study and features a broad focus on music through historical, theoretical, and performance studies. Concentrations in general music, church music, or contemporary worship are included.

Degree Program Goals:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of and knowledge of music terminology.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding and knowledge of the cultural and historical contexts of exemplary works of Western art music.
  3. Read and interpret the contextual notation of exemplary works of Western art music.
  4. Develop performance skills for applied and secondary instruments.

 Degree Checklists:

The Bachelor of Science in Music Education

The Bachelor of Science in Music Education is designed to prepare students for a career teaching instrumental or choral music P-12 in the public schools. This degree program meets national and state standards for the preparation of public school music teachers. In addition to the extensive music preparation, significant classroom observation experiences are included in the program, and a significant portion of coursework is devoted to Education courses and preparation.

For degree requirements, see degree requirements checklist.

An audition is required for acceptance into the Music Department. For audition forms and requirements, please refer to the Music and Fine Arts Department webpage.

For further information, contact Dr. Ben Caston, chairman of the Division of Music and Fine Arts, at 706.865.2134, ext. 117, or by email

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