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Through the lenses of the Holy Bible and a Christian worldview, the humanities curriculum examines the development of disciplined thinking and writing through the interpretation of literature, works of art, and other expressive and creative means employed by people to order their lives, individually and socially. The courses explore the variety of historical and cultural contexts of these works, and determine the primary focus of the artistic character and integrity of the works themselves.


Bachelor of Arts in English

The Bachelor of Arts in English is designed for those students who seek to read interpretively, write clearly and think creatively while studying the world’s most beautiful literature. The Bachelor of Arts in English degree is the foundation for advanced study in literature, history, law or any liberal arts discipline. 

For degree requirements, see degree requirements checklist. 

For information, contact Cierra Winkler at 706-865-2134, ext. 168, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Bachelor of Arts in History

The Bachelor of Arts in History provides an examination of the record of God’s relationship with man and the eternal relevance of God’s work and His Word through the ages. Applying a Christian worldview to the study of the historical narrative, students will learn not only about great men and women and their ideas and the rise and fall of civilizations, but they will also be taught critical thinking skills and research methods, all with an emphasis on strengthening writing proficiency. Moreover, this major field of study will incorporate the Great Books and their authors in each course so that the student will be conversant with those individuals and ideas which have shaped the course of human events. Graduates of the program will be prepared for employment in the areas of teaching, government service or public history. They will also have earned a degree which prepares them well for graduate study in history, political science, public administration, library science or law. 

For degree requirements, see degree requirements checklist.  

For information, contact Dr. Michael Justus, Chair of Humanities Division, at 706.865.2134, ext. 213, or by email




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