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Winter 2011 Class Schedule:

December 12, 2011 - December 31, 2011

PE299 - Special Topics in Sports

An intensive study of special topics which provide students an opportunity to study in areas of the discipline other than those listed in the catalog.

 Spring 2012 Class Schedule

A Term - January 9, 2012 - March 4, 2012

 B-Term - March 12, 2012 - May 6, 2012

 AR105 - Art Appreciation and Criticism - A Term

An introduction to enable students to appreciate important works of art and techniques and movements of the visual arts. Student projects and gallery visitations reinforce class discussion and slide presentations.

BU211 - Principles of Accounting II - A Term

A course designed to continue the study of accounting principles introduced in BU210 with emphasis on accounting systems of partnerships and corporations, accounting concepts, and cost accounting. Prerequisite: BU210 with C or higher

BU216 - Principles of Macroeconomics - A Term

An introduction to the basic concepts of microeconomic theory. Topics include supply and demand, defining and evaluating various market structures, income distribution and poverty, corporate mergers and antitrust, and international trade. Prerequisite: Completion of or exemption from MA099.

BU301 - Business Communications - A Term

A course designed to emphasize knowledge and application of principles of oral, written, and nonverbal communication in business situations. The course includes document preparation of letters, memos, reports, proposals, technical writing, and resumes. Business research using analysis of numerical data is also emphasized. Prerequisites: EN 102 with grade of C or better and MA 200

BU320 - Principles of Marketing - A Term

A course designed to emphasize knowledge and application of principles of oral, written, and nonverbal communication in business situations. The course includes document preparation of letters, memos, reports, proposals, technical writing, and resumes. Business research using analysis of numerical data is also emphasized. Prerequisites: EN 102 with grade of C or better and MA 200

BU330 - Principles of Management - B Term

A course designed to study basic principles of management including planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Junior standing and approval of department

BU335 - Organizational Behavior - B Term

The course provides an investigation into the core concepts of human behavior and industrial psychology. Coverage includes theories of motivation, leadership, negotiation and organizational design. Prerequisite: Completion of or exemption from MA099.

BU364 - Management of Physical Educ and Sport - A Term

The course educates students on their future role in the profession of physical education and sport.

BU400 - International Business - B Term

A course designed to study the unique problems of conducting global business inside and outside the United States.

BU405 - Corporate Taxes - B Term

This course surveys tax issues impacting corporations, partnerships and S Corps. Prerequisites: BU 210 and BU 211

CS101 - Bible Survey - A Term

An examination of the Old and New Testaments with attention to their historical and literary character within the context of the ancient Mediterranean world focusing on God's dealings with humanity as he unfolds his plan for salvation and on the Bible's theological and practical significance for the church.

CS201 - Hermeneutics - B Term

An introduction to the grammatical-historical method of interpretation with a focus on author-centered interpretation. Attention will be given to practical methodology and will examine genre, figures of speech, historical backgrounds, word studies, grammar and syntax, and resources for Bible study. Prerequisites: EN 101 and CS 102 and CS 103

CS323 - Christian Theology II - B Term

A systematic survey of the major theological teachings of Christianity regarding the biblical doctrines of doctrines of Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, and Last Things. Special attention will be given to the biblical basis of the doctrines and how these doctrines are relevant to contemporary faith and practice. Prerequisites: CS 102 and CS 103 and CS 201

CS331/HI331 - History of Christianity I - A Term

A survey of the history of Christianity beginning with the Apostolic Age to the dawn of the Reformation. Emphasis will be on the development of the church in the West. Prerequisite: completion of six hours of HI 101, HI 102, HI 201, HI 202 or consent of instructor

CS409 - OT Prophetic Books Isaiah-Malachi - A Term

A study of the critical issues involved in the interpretation of the Old Testament prophetic books with exposition from a selected prophetic book focusing on its literary, historical, and theological significance. Prerequisites: CS 102 and CS 103 and CS 201

EN202: Survey Literature Romanticism to Present - A Term

The second of a two-course sequence providing a survey of representative selections of British literature. Emphasis is on reading, in historical context, selected works by major authors and critical analysis of these works in expository prose essays, research papers and/or oral reports. Prerequisite: EN 102

HI201 - American History I - A Term

A survey of the development of the American nation and the state of Georgia from the Age of Discovery to 1865. This course or History 202 meets the Georgia legislative requirement for United States and Georgia history.

MI245/345 - History of Missions - A Term

An inquiry into the development of Christian missions with special emphasis on the development of modern missions beginning with William Carey. Cross listed with MI 345 - students may not receive credit for both.

MI250 - Theology of Missions - A Term

An exploration into the relationship of theology and missions. Special attention given to the biblical foundations for missions, biblical delineation of missions, and biblical instruments and dynamics of missions. Prerequisite: CS 251 or MI 251

MI342/442 - Cross-Cultural Anthropolgy - B Term

Selected insights from the field of cultural anthropology are surveyed and applied to cross-cultural ministry. Social structures, customs, thought forms, and social change are studied in light of the missionary's change-agent role. Prerequisite: CS 251/MI 251

MI355 - Contextualization: Theory & Practice - A Term

A study of the theory and practice of communicating the gospel and formulating theology in a way that is faithful to Scripture and meaningful to respondents in their cultural and social contexts. Prerequisite: CS 251/MI 251 and sophomore standing/span>

PY220 - Human Growth and Development - A Term

A study of the concepts, theories, and research in developmental psychology. The study of human development encompasses the physical, psychological, and social changes as they occur throughout the lifespan. Life stages from prenatal development through adulthood including perspectives on aging and death will be covered.

SO210 - Sociology - B Term

An introduction to the sociological analysis of society, its origins, structure, change, and problems. Emphasis is on the nature of culture, social interaction, social groups, and social institutions.

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