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yarbourough headshotDr. John YarbroughAs a 1969 graduate of Truett-McConnell College, I have seen many changes in the institution. However, at the heart of this school remains a commitment that always made Truett-McConnell a special place. For many of us, TMC is where we made major life decisions -- discovering who our MASTER is, what our MISSION is, and for many, we discovered our life's MATE. Many of us developed friendships that continue to impact our lives long after we graduated.

God continues to bless Truett-McConnell with an ever-growing number of students and thus, our alumni family is also growing. To enhance the overall alumni network, we are attempting to organize TMC alumni into networks based on generation, location, and profession as well as their relationship to their college. These networks will enable alumni to connect to their past at Truett-McConnell, what is happening on campus now, and be part of the college's future.

We are grateful for our outstanding array of alumni and friends, and for all who desire to reconnect with friends, faculty and their college. We are attempting to facilitate these connections with communication, information and events.

As an alumnus, would you consider assisting your alma mater in five specific ways as we move into the future?

  1. REMEMBER – pray for your college (students, faculty, administration, staff and fellow alums).
  2. RETURN – come back to your college to refresh and to enlarge your Truett-McConnell network (especially make alumni weekend a part of your plans).
  3. RECRUIT – in your network of friends and family, encourage students to consider Truett-McConnell as their college of choice.
  4. RECOMMEND – share Truett-McConnell as a worthy place for those who desire to invest in Kingdom work and in the next generation of leaders equipped with a biblical worldview.
  5. REPRESENT – as Truett-McConnell alums, we may be the only way many people ever know about this college and the work God is doing on its campus.

Together, we can be part of connecting and assisting one another as well as our college to continue to be all that God intends us to become.

Feel free to contact our office when we can assist you in way. The next time you are in the North Georgia Mountains, stop by your alumni office for a campus visit. We would like to show you what God is doing at your alma mater.

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