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Get involved with organizations and activities on campus!

Truett-McConnell College provides you with the opportunity to hone in on your interests and demonstrate leadership in that area. You have the opportunity to participate in and lead academic, religious, service, or social organizations. Positions of organizational responsibility may be shared by a large part of the student body. Opportunities are open for creating new organizations in order to meet specific goals and interests are available.

Below are brief descriptions of some of the organizations through which you may exercise leadership potential.

Academic Organizations
TMC-Northeast Georgia Wind Symphony, TMC Chorale, Jazz Ensemble, Phi Theta Kappa, and TMC Community Choir

Religious Organizations
Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Fellowhip of Christian Athletes and Ministerial Association.

Service Organizations
Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board, Orientation Team, Student Admissions Committee, Residence Life Staff, Ambassadors, and Circle K Club.

Student Government Constitution
Policies for Organizations and Clubs must be approved by the Student Government Association.

For more information about how to be involved in these organizations, click on the link that interests you.


Policies for Organizations and Clubs

  1. Only clubs and organizations chartered by the Student Government Association and approved by the office of Residence Life will be permitted to function on campus.
  2. All organizations must have an approved constitution on file with the office of Residence Life.
  3. All organizations must have a faculty advisor.
  4. All organizations will submit minutes of meetings and financial reports to the office of Residence Life.
  5. Off-campus personnel, including speakers, entertainers, etc., must be approved prior to issuing an invitation to such groups and persons.
  6. Campus organizations planning off-campus trips must notify the Student Services Office.
  7. All activities of student organizations must be submitted to the SGA in order to put the activity on the master calendar, reserve facilities for the meeting, and announce the activity through campus channels.
  8. The use of campus facilities must be cleared with the office of Student Services.
  9. All policies and behavioral expectations list in the student handbook apply to all student organizations and their functions, whether on or off campus. The student organization, or individual student members, may be disciplined for infractions of college policy during organizational events.
  10. All fund raising projects (on or off campus) must be approved by the office of Student Services. Complete plans, including intended use of money, should be submitted in writing to the office of Student Services. Fund raising projects will not be approved unless they are for the purpose of raising money for a necessary organizational expense or for a project that will benefit all students or an acceptable charity.



Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM)
The Baptist Collegiate Ministries provides a link between the College and local churches. The organization provides a program of Christian activities that strives to create and maintain high standards of Christian living and service among all students. Fusion is our large group gathering on Monday nights at 7 p.m. We promise you’ll be loved and hear truth.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is touching millions of lives... one heart at a time. Since 1954, the FCA has been challenging coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA is the largest Christian sports organization in America. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ.
Each FCA group has a coach who organizes the group. Here at Truett-McConnell College, Cory Baldwin organizes the FCA meetings bi-weekly on campus. Each meeting has a devotional, prayer time, and/or guest speaker. “I hope through FCA we can start a revival in our athletic department that ultimately would lead to a revival through-out the campus” Coach Baldwin says of FCA at TMC.
In FCA many student-athletes attend, but do not think that is all that you will see in an FCA meeting on campus.   Many other students attend as well as faculty and staff. So, if you have not attended a meeting yet, come on out and join! Breakfast is always served complementary.

Ministerial Association
The Ministerial Association of Truett-McConnell College is an organization for students who have expressed interest in Christian ministry. Those students receiving Ministerial Education Fund Grants from the Georgia Baptist Convention are required to be a part of the organization. The purposes of the Ministerial Association are to explore issues pertaining to Christian ministry, to encourage student involvement in ministry, and critical reflection of ministry experiences.


Service Organizations include Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board, Orientation Team, Residence Life Staff, Student Ambassadors, Circle K Club.

Student Government Association (SGA) Each student of Truett-McConnell College automatically becomes a member of the Student Government Association. Under supervision of the College administration, SGA addresses issues of student concern and is a guiding agency for Christian, democratic living on the campus. SGA also oversees and charters other student organizations.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)Exists to assist in planning, implementing, and evaluating student activities throughout the year.  Membership consists of a minimum of twelve members including sophomores and freshman.  Selection process begins in April for the following year.

Orientation Team Facilitates new student orientation during fall welcome week.  Selection is made during spring semester of each year.  Students are chosen on their willingness to help orient new students to the programs and services of Truett-McConnell College.

Residence Life Staff Residence Life Staff serves as a liaison between resident students and the college. Each member is responsible for helping residents become acclimated to campus living by encouraging the social, mental and spiritual growth of residents. RAs plan multiple social activities for their dorms throughout the semesters. Selection process begins in the spring with an application and an interview.

TMC Student Ambassadors Consists of students willing to support Truett-McConnell College by serving as admissions assistants dedicated to attending events and promoting admissions to TMC. The TMC Student Ambassadors will serve as the 'face' of  Truett-McConnell College. In order to promote the institution accurately, Student Ambassador's will attend a TMC seminar where they will be equipped with basic knowledge about TMC history, admissions requirements, academics, campus activities, faculty, staff, and facility names. Student Ambassador's work along side the Admissions Office to better promote TMC.

Circle K Club Exists to meet the Personal needs of the individual collegian through the qualities of leadership, the rewards of service, and the unique spirit of friendship.


Academic Organizations include Concert Band, Concert Choir, Jazz Ensemble, and Truett-McConnell Enthroned Praise (EP).

Concert Band Membership is open to all students who play an instrument proficiently and who wish to participate in musical activities at college functions. (See statement under Music regarding academic credit). For more information, contact Dr. Chris Costigan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Concert Choir The Concert Choir is composed of those students who successfully pass auditions with the conductor. The group makes concert appearances during the year. For more information, contact Dr. Ben Caston at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Jazz Ensemble Membership is open by audition to students who wish to participate in the college band program. This group is regularly invited to play at community functions throughout Georgia. (See statement under Music regarding academic credit). For more information, contact Dr. Chris Costigan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Truett-McConnell Enthroned Praise (EP) Truett-McConnell Enthroned Praise is a select group of vocalists. Membership in this group is by audition only. For more information, contact Dr. Ben Caston at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Student Professional Association of Georgia (SPAGE) Open to anyone with an interest in the field of education and who wishes to acquaint themselves with the standards of personal and professional preparation for teaching. For more information, contact Dr. Angie Gant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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