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The BCM ministry exists to help every student have a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

Gather together with other students to worship the Lord, Baptist Collegiate Ministries is a place where love and truth meet together.
FUSION meets Monday nights at 7 PM in the BCM building.


Life Groups are a great place to connect with other students in a small group setting.  These groups provide you with an opportunity to study God’s Word with other students as well as the chance to really share what is going on in your life with others.  These groups are a place where students can be real and share their hearts with one another in a safe place.

“Being a part of a small group changed my life,” says BCM intern, Natalie Flake.  “My college small group taught me how to study God’s Word and allowed me to form meaningful relationships with other students.  Those who were in my small group came to be some of the best friends I’ve ever had.”

Leadership Team
BCM is largely student led. Each year, students are chosen to serve on the Leadership Team. The Leadership Team works with the BCM Staff and serves in freshman ministries, worship, fellowship, communications, missions, sports ministries, outreach, discipleship, creative ministry and community ministries.
IMPACT is a ministry of BCM that seeks to exalt Christ through drama. The IMPACT team ministers at FUSION, at local churches, mission’s settings and more!  This year, Jacob Bagwell is leading this creative ministry.  No matter if you’re a regular thespian or if you’ve never done drama at all, you are invited to be a part of this vibrant ministry.

Without Lips
Worship happens in a variety of ways. Signing the lyrics to Christian songs has become a valuable addition in many worship services. Without Lips trains its members how to sign and gives them the opportunity to lead worship through sign language.  Without Lips is available to minister in local churches and at community events. Ciara Canady is taking the lead in this ministry.

Disciple Now Teams
A Disciple Now is a weekend retreat that local churches sponsor and is geared towards middle school and high school students. It is a weekend ministry with the goal of challenging and stretching students to become more committed Disciples of Christ. As a Disciple Now leader, you would be leading a small group of either middle or high school students for the weekend.   BCM equips students in how to lead in Disciple Now’s and strives to connect these students with area churches who need assistance in leading their youth.

Community Ministry Team
College students have a lot to offer the community and this team tries to equip students in serving the local community. This ministry team provides opportunities for students to serve the community. Some examples of how this ministry serves are nursing home visits, helping at the food pantry, balloon animals and face painting in Helen. Fabiola Toussaint leads the Meals on Wheels team and Stephanie Strong is in charge of nursing home visits.

Sports Ministry
Athletics play a major role in the lives of many students. Athletes have incredibly busy schedules and this ministry is designed to adjust to the changing needs of Truett’s athletes. Christian White leads this ministry and seeks to find innovative ways to reach and equip athletes for Christ.
TMC Missions Center
Take a moment to visit the Missions Center and let us know about Mission trips that you have taken while attending Truett-McConnell College.

Approximately 35 Truett-McConnell College students served in special summer missions projects during the summer of 2008, carrying the message of Christ across the United States and around the world.  Two of those students have written accounts of their summer missions experiences. TMC Students on Mission for Christ

For more information contact the BCM at 706.865.2134, ext. 131


About: The Public Safety Department of Truett-McConnell College exists to ensure faculty, staff, student, and campus safety throughout the school year. It is only through cooperation that the Public Safety Department and its employees can best serve the campus.

Automobile Policy: Students are allowed to operate automobiles on campus, provided they comply with vehicle regulation, parking and other regulations as determined by the Vice President for Student Services. A full description of automobile regulations may be found in the Student Handbook. Students must show valid driver's license and proof of insurance when registering vehicles.

Traffic Regulations

The student in whose name a permit is issued is always responsible for the operation and parking of his or her vehicle, regardless of who is actually driving it. This does not absolve the driver from blame if he or she is anyone other than the normal operator or owner in whose name the vehicle is registered.

Every person who operates a vehicle on the campus of Truett-McConnell College is required to obey all city ordinances and state laws relating to the operation, insuring, and registration of motor vehicles. A citation will be issued to anyone who violates any such law or ordinance, or any regulation of Truett-McConnell College. Each violation will result in a $25.00 fine unless otherwise noted. These fines will be added to the student’s bill through the Business Office.

Registration Violations

  1. Failure to register a motor vehicle on the first day the vehicle is on campus.
  2. Failure to display a permit.
  3. Improperly displaying a permit.
  4. Displaying more than one permit.

Parking Violations

  1. Parking in a space reserved for another class of permit. The faculty and other restricted areas
    in front of the Miller Building, adjacent to the bell, are never available to students.
    Exceptions: After 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. each day and during officially scheduled school breaks (as recognized on the academic calendar), students may park at the pool, at the Nix Student Center, in the commuter lots near the Driskell Building, faculty parking between the gym and the chapel, and Cofer Library as space permits.
  2. Parking in a space marked “Handicapped” or “Visitor.”
  3. Parking in any space where parking is prohibited by signs or yellow or red curbs.
  4. Parking in a space marked “Reserved.”
  5. Parking on grassy areas.
  6. Blocking a driveway or an entrance/exit space of any building, including the gymnasium entrance and residence hall walkways.
  7. Double parking.
  8. Blocking another vehicle.
  9. Parking in more than one space in marked parking areas.
  10. Parking between the Miller Building and the Otwell and Merritt Residence Halls (fire lane).
  11. Parking on President’s Drive is prohibited at all times.
  12. Parking in the President’s parking spot in front of the Miller Building.* (This parking spot is reserved twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.)

* $75 fine for this violation.

Moving Violations

  1. Driving in excess of speed limit.(15 m.p.h. campus-wide)
  2. Driving in a careless, reckless, or imprudent manner. ($50.00 fine)
  3. Failure to stop at stop sign.
  4. Permitting careless, reckless, or imprudent behavior by passengers. This shall include riding on the outside of the vehicle, riding in the trunk of a vehicle, or hanging out of a vehicle. ($50.00 fine)
  5. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet. (Driver or Passenger)
  6. Driving the wrong way on a one-way street.
  7. Driving across any grass or sidewalk.
  8. Operating or occupying a moving motor vehicle without wearing a seatbelt.

Public Safety officers are authorized to issue citations for violations or turn incidents over to local law enforcement. Motor vehicle privileges will be suspended for any person who receives more than three citations during an academic year.

Download the student parking map.


Safety Tips
Residence Hall Safety
Lock your door when you leave your room, even if you will be gone only for a minute. It takes only about 8 seconds for someone to walk into an open room and remove an item. Notify Public Safety promptly of any suspicious persons loitering in the vicinity of your building or room. Never leave purses, wallets, jewelry and other valuables unattended in laundry rooms, showers, or lobby areas. Mark your valuables for identification purposes.
Safety In Your Car
You should always lock your car. Leaving your vehicle unlocked is an invitation for someone to remove your personal belongings. When you are walking to your car, you should have your keys in hand so that you don’t have to linger before getting in, especially at night. You should always check the back seat of your car before getting in.
Safety Outside and at Night
Walk confidently, directly, and at a steady pace on the side of the road facing traffic. Stay in well-lighted areas as much as possible. Never work alone in an office or classroom at night. Arrange a buddy system with someone with whom you work or study. If you should ever feel you are in danger, attract attention any way you can. Do not be reluctant to scream.
Student Access to TMC Property
Buildings on the TMC campus will be open to students according to a regular schedule. During residence hall quiet hours, students will be allowed to gather only in places and in manners that do not disturb residents. For safety and security concerns, students will not be allowed in remote areas of campus after dark. Public Safety officers have the authority to declare any area of campus unsafe and to further restrict access as necessary.
Campus Security: Truett-McConnell College provides security services for students:
  • Single Entry / Exit Point
  • Security Phone Line answered 24 hours a Day (ext. 186)
  • Gated Entry Beginning 6pm Nightly
  • Traditional Residence Halls have 24 hour electronic lock down



Director of Residence Life
  • Jonathan Morris, Director of Residence Life, ext. 136

Residence Directors (RD)
  • J.C. Hitzing, Sewell Hall
  • Bryan Wisdom, Garrison Hall
  • Meghan Pucket, Otwell Hall
  • Hannah Bullard, Merritt Hall
  • Sam Merrill, New Dorm (Female)
  • Ben Garrison, Cory Smith, New Dorm (Male)/Cleveland Courts

Resident Assistants (RA)


  • Stephen Crane
  • Garrett Erath
  • Greg Nelson


  • Daniel Gentry
  • Luke Folsom
  • Trey Postelle


  • Christina Brock
  • Heather Guest
  • Emily Grooms
  • Kristen Pruitt


  • Charity Estes
  • Grace Bagnal
  • Emilie Brady

New Dorm Female

  • Traci Lawson
  • Lauren Brown
  • Kaitlyn Lamb
New Dorm Male
  • Josh Garrison
  • Zach Horsley

Cleveland Courts

  • Brandon Allen
  • Caleb Lang
  • Matthew Tenpenny





Residence Life Philosophy

ResidenceLife lg

The Office of Residence Life is firmly based on Christian perspectives and actively supports the college's philosophy concerning education and growth of the whole student. Approximately seventy percent of those students attending the college are residential students.

The residence hall system, by its very nature, lends itself to opportunities for growth and maturity. The Residence Life Staff working with the Office of Student Services is challenged by and dedicated to assisting students in gaining as much as possible from the total college experience.



Residence Life Objectives

1. To provide and maintain an environment which supports disciplined scholarship, Christian discipleship, and maximum growth and development of the individual.

2. To interpret the College’s purpose and policies to students, and to interpret student attitudes, opinions and actions to the administration.

3. To provide for the basic concerns of the individual student within the ever-changing campus community.

4. To provide an opportunity for students to practice democratic living and to learn to work with others, and to provide comprehensive social, recreational, and intellectual activities in order to broaden the effective use of leisure time.
If you would like more information about the residential community at Truett-McConnell College, please contact our office at 706-865-2134, extension 123.


As a part of our general philosophy to educate the "whole person,” each residence hall will present a minimum of three residence hall programs per semester in the following areas: educational, social, spiritual, instructional, and/or service project.


The Residence Life staff seeks to respond to the needs and interests of the residential community in developing programs that are interesting, timely, and educational in quality. Although the residence hall programs are not mandatory, each resident is encouraged to attend and get involved. Occasionally, residence hall programs will be open to residents of the other residence halls on the campus.

Some of the hall programs that have taken place within the last two years include these:


  • Holiday Parties
  • Secret Sister Program
  • Sports Tournaments
  • Video Game Tournaments
  • Cookouts and Pool Parties
  • Self-defense class
  • Line Dancing Lessons
  • UGA/UF Tailgate Party
  • Golf Tournament
  • Video Scavenger Hunt
  • Christian Concerts
  • Monday Night Football
  • 5 Love Languages Lecture
  • Canned Food Drive
  • "Paint-A-Brick"
  • Many, many more . . .


Residents are encouraged to take an active role in the planning and implementation of the residence hall programming opportunities.

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