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We are Truett-McConnell
Finding Strength in Christ: Ashley Roby
Ashley Roby, a freshman basketball player, credits her journey to Truett-McConnell all to Christ, sharing that the battles she experienced with her health allowed her to find strength in Him.

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Transforming Our Campus and Our Students

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Other Financial Aid
Grants and Scholarships


Below is a list of other financial aid grants and scholarships; please click on the grant or scholarship to learn more. Consult the Financial Aid Office of Truett-McConnell College for information concerning these and additional sources of financial aid at 1-800-226-8621.

Faculty/Staff Dependents Grant: Full-time employees, full-time faculty, full-time staff, and their spouses/dependents, may enroll and take college courses tuition free. All admissions procedures and appropriate financial aid forms must be completed before initiation of coursework. Applications must be completed prior to the first day of classes.  Forms are available in the Financial Aid office.

Family Discount: When two or more dependent students from the same family attend the college, and reside campus housing, the students will be awarded a grant toward tuition and room costs, provided they submit all applicable financial aid forms. Amounts vary according to total financial aid awards.

Veterans Administration Benefits: Truett-McConnell College is approved for veterans and children of disabled or deceased veterans who are eligible under the G.I. Bill. Consult with the V.A. representative at the college.

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