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TRUE Story
Leaving your mark


by Norm Miller

From cave drawings to Kilroy, and from a heart carved in a tree to Old Glory planted on the Moon, people apparently want to leave their mark – everywhere.

Who hasn't poured a concrete patio and scratched their initials in the curing surface?

Generally, there is an element of self in the motivation for such actions.

But Truett-McConnell College has a way for you to selflessly leave your mark on behalf of others.

The proposed George Blaurock Student Recreation Center will need bricks, mortar, money; and your generous provision of the latter will provide the former with your mark on it.

Your mark is your name, or some other inscription you may prefer, on a brick that will integrate with others to provide more than a walking surface, but a statement of support for what Truett-McConnell College attempts to achieve in the lives of students.

Offered at several price points, the brick(s) you purchase do not stand for you, per se, or that you gave, or even how much you gave, but rather *why* you gave.

Your brick(s) tell all who tread nearby that you support a college which endeavors to leave biblical marks upon the hearts of students, who will go out into the world, equipped to leave upon the lives of others an eternal impression of our Lord and Savior.

If you want the gospel of Jesus Christ to go out into our city, county, state, country and world, then click here to buy a brick.



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