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 Fall Chapel 2013

August 29 - President's Chapel

emir caner

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September 3-5 - Spiritual Emphasis Week

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September 12

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September 19

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September 26

 jim perdue card 340

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October 3

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 October 10 - Fall Break

 October 17

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October 24

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 October 31

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 November 7

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 November 14

brad reynolds


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 November 21

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 November 28

December 5 - Christmas Chapel

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 Spring Chapel 2014

January 23 - President's Chapel

emir caner

January 30 - Ray Newman Lecture Series

richard land card

February 6

bucky kennedy card

February 13

al gilbert card

February 20

junior hill

Februay 27


March 6 - World Missions Day

keith eitel card


 March 13 - Spring Break

 March 20

dan spencer card

March 27

rhys stenner card

 April 3


 April 10

adam harwood card

April 17 - Easter Break

 April 24 - The Genesis Lectures
Crashing Continents and Skipping Mountains:
The Geology of the Flood

kurt wise card

May 1

chris eppling card

 May 8 - Honors Chapel


Spring Chapel 2013


Every Thursday at 9:30 AM, the Truett-McConnell family meets in the TMC Athletic Center for prayer and worship. Chapel services feature some of the best speakers from the Southern Baptist Convention, including pastors, missionaries, students, and TMC faculty.



 Caner tn

January 17

President’s Chapel

Dr. Emir Caner
President, Truett-McConnell College
Cleveland, Ga.

102512 Al Tennyson 83

January 24

Evangelist Al Tennyson
President, Awaken International Ministries
Locust Grove, Ga.


102512 Pastor Jeff Crook 83

January 31

Rev. Jeff Crook
Senior Pastor, Blackshear Place Baptist Church
Flowery Branch, Ga.


102512 Mike Stone 83

February 7

Rev. Mike Stone
Senior Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church
Blackshear, Ga.


102512 David Landrith 83

February 14

Rev. David Landrith
Senior Pastor, Long Hollow Baptist Church
Hendersonville, Tenn.


 Pruitt tn

February 21

World Missions Day

Dr. H. Edward Pruitt
Director, Harrison Center for World Missions
Associate Professor of Christian Studies
and Missions

-McConnell College
Cleveland, Ga.



February 28

Spring Break


102512 Ernest Easley 83

March 7

Dr. Ernest Easley
Senior Pastor, Roswell Street Baptist Church
Marietta, Ga.


 Wise tn

March 14

The Genesis Lectures

“Floating Forests: 
The Success of Modern Creationism”

Dr. Kurt Wise
Director, Brady Center for Creation Research
Professor of Biology, Truett-McConnell College
Cleveland, Ga.


102512 SteveGaines-150 83

March 21

Dr. Steve Gaines
Senior Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church
Memphis, Tenn.



March 28

Easter Break


102512 Frank Cox 83

April 4

Dr. Frank Cox
Senior Pastor, North Metro First Baptist Church
Lawrenceville, Ga.


 bro al o1

April 11

Al "Bro Al" Jackson
Senior Pastor, Lakeview Baptist Church
Auburn, Alabama


102512 Ergun Caner 83

April 18

Dr. Ergun Caner
Provost, Arlington Baptist College
Arlington, Texas


102512 Stephen Rummage 83

April 25

Dr. Stephen Rummage
Senior Pastor, Bell Shoals Baptist Church
Brandon, Fla.



May 2

Honors Chapel


Truett McConnell College at a Glance




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