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Education and Behavioral Science


Truett-McConnell College offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Early Childhood Education. Integrated in this degree is the Reading Endorsement: Classroom Teacher of Reading. The program is a cohort model, wherein, a group of students proceeds through the program together. Cohorts begin in the fall only. At this time, courses are offered during the day and students are required to be in face-to-face classes. Additionally, students will participate in field experiences throughout the program including a semester long internship. All students will be placed in partner schools for field experiences and at least one of those experiences will be in a diverse setting. Truett-McConnell also offers an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in education which prepares students to transfer to schools offering middle and secondary programs.

The conceptual framework for Truett-McConnell Programs is “Accomplished Teachers⇔Servant Leaders”. The programs are aligned with the Georgia Framework for Teaching. They are field based and developmental. They are consistent with the mission and vision of the institution.

Degree Programs

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The Bachelor of Science in Education is designed to prepare students to teach at the pre-kindergarten through fifth grade level. The program meets national and state standards for the preparation of elementary school teachers. Students in this program should expect to spend a significant amount of time in classrooms in the area. Admission to this program at the junior level is a separate process from admission to the college and requires a 2.5 GPA, along with testing and other requirements.

For degree requirements, see degree requirements checklist. 

Application may be made to the education program only after the student has completed 40 semester hours of college-level work. Go to the Education Department web page for additional requirements and to print the three-page application form.


Complete the form and submit it to:

Dr. Angie Gant

Truett-McConnell College

100 Alumni Drive

Cleveland, GA 30528

For information, contact Dr. Angie Gant, chair of the Education Department, at 706.865.2134, ext. 273, or by email


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Truett-McConnell College offers a Biblically-centered Bachelors of Science in Psychology.  The focus of the program is to educate students in the principles of theology, philosophy, and psychology in order to prepare students to enter the helping fields (i.e., professional counseling, social work, law, and medicine).  Truett's academic program is unique in the approach of grounding students in the truth of the Bible while introducing them to and engaging them with the various philosophies and theories guiding the research and practice of psychology.  Students will be exposed to challenging courses, invaluable internships, and training in psychological research in fulfillment of their requirements for the program.

For degree requirements, see degree requirements checklist. 

For information, contact Dr. Holly Haynes, Associate Professor of Psychology, 706-865-2134, ext. 171, or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">e-mail. 

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Certification in Early Childhood is also available to individuals who already hold Bachelor’s Degrees or above in any discipline. These candidates are required to complete the core courses listed on the Teacher Education application and to complete the 60 hours of upper division work listed for the B.S. in Education and all applicable testing requirements. Note: At the conclusion of this program, no degree is awarded, but the candidate will be recommended for initial certification after successful completion of the program.


Truett-McConnell College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) at Level II. The B.S. Degree in Education was approved by the Southern Association on January 5, 2006. Students will receive their degrees and be recommended for a teaching certificate by Truett-McConnell College.

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All students who wish to enter the Early Childhood Education program or to take upper level ED or LA courses designated as restricted on the Degree Checklist must formally apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program. Applications are available on the web and in the Teacher Education Office. Because of the sequencing of courses and because of pre-requisites for admission, a student should view the degree checklist and consult with an advisor as soon as she or he enrolls at Truett.

Once a student is admitted to the Teacher Education Program, that student must continue to make satisfactory progress. The Education faculty reviews the progress of each student every semester and reserves the right to remove any student from the Teacher Education program for failing to continue to meet the established criteria and policies in effect at the time of admission, and/or for demonstrating conduct that has been judged unethical or illegal based on the Truett-McConnell Student Handbook or the Code of Ethics of the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

Students should apply to the Teacher Education Program after they have completed 40 hours of academic work. Applications for the next academic year are due between March 15 and April 15 to the Teacher Education Office. Interviews will be conducted between April 15 and April 30. Qualified applicants will be accepted after applications and interviews have been conducted. Applications from current students or transfers may be submitted after January 15, until the cohort is filled (20 students).


Our Faculty

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Dr. Angie Gant
Associate Professor of Education Chair
Behrens tn 
Dr. Richard Behrens
Associate Professor of Education
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Dr. Tammy Mize
Associate Professor of Education
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Dr. Holly Haynes
Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences

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