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Dual Enrollment Questions & Answers

What is the dual enrollment program?
Dual Enrollment is a joint enrollment program that permits high school juniors and seniors to earn college credit while completing their high school graduation requirements.
What does it cost?
There is no direct cost to the participating high school or to the enrolled students. The program is sponsored by the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC). GSFC pays a qualified participating college $145.83 per student credit hour. Truett-McConnell College accepts this as full payment for our operating expense.
What are the requirements for the school?
1)The school must be accredited by any one of seven recognized accrediting associations. SACS, GAC, GACS, ACSI, GPSSAC, ACIS or SAIS

2) The school must have a qualified instructor for each course offered. Although credentials are reviewed individually for each teacher candidate by the participating college (Truett-McConnell College), in general a teacher must have a Master’s Degree and 18 semester hours of graduate work related to the course to be taught.
What are the requirements for the student?
1) The student must be a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident Alien
2) The student must have completed the tenth grade.
3) The student’s participation must be approved by a high school guidance counselor
4) The student must be accepted for admissions/enrollment by the College
5) The student must complete an on-line application to Georgia Student Finance Commission

What does the College do?
1) Approves course content (syllabus, objectives, textbook) as equivalent to a college-level course.
2) Approves course instructor credentials
3) Admits and enrolls students
4) Awards college credit for completed courses
5) Processes transcripts to transfer credit to other colleges, as requested by the student.
6) Provides instructional support to participating teachers
Will the credit transfer to colleges other than Truett-McConnell?
Acceptance of credit is always a decision of the receiving college. Truett-McConnell College is fully accredited by SACS and our credits are routinely accepted by other colleges. In Spring 2008 students enrolled in dual enrollment courses with Truett-McConnell College requested transcripts and successfully transferred credit to 28 different colleges.
Why partner with Truett-McConnell College?
Although this program is available to any cooperating accredited high school and college pair, Truett-McConnell College has determined to offer the program to Christian high schools that share our mission to “equip students to make a positive impact for Christ through disciplined scholarship and Christian discipleship”.

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