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Student Handbook

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The Student Handbook serves as a student's guide to campus, services, policies and provisions. The Student Handbook is available on-line through the link below and students can request a printed copy from the Student Development Office in the Nix Student Center.

Students are expected to read and understand all the provisions of the Student Handbook. Any questions concerning the handbo

ok can be directed to the student’s resident assistant, resident director, or anyone in the Student Development Office. Failure to read the Student Handbook does not excuse students from the policies and procedures contained therein.

2015-2016 Student Handbook

Homecoming 2012

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Maegan Horsley


Student Success

Student Success at Truett-McConnell College exists to provide students connections with employers, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as to assist students in developing effective career decision-making and employment skills reflective of God’s unique calling on their lives.

Student Success provides assistance with:

  • Choosing a major 
  • Identifying your skills, values, interests, and personality 
  • Exploring career options 
  • Setting goals
  • Networking and job search 
  • Writing resumes and cover letters
  • Developing interview skills 
  • Graduate/professional school search 
  • On-campus recruiting opportunities 


Contact Scott Smith at ext. 118 to set up an appointment. Career appointments are also available for online students via the web.

Off-Campus and Non-Traditional Housing


Truett-McConnell College is committed to the residential college experience and thus expects traditional-aged, single students to live in campus housing.Application eligibility for residing off campus entails the following criteria:

  1. Living with, and commuting daily from the primary residence of a parent or legal guardian
  2. Twenty-two (22) years of age or older and completed 90 or more hours of coursework
  3. Married
  4. Twenty-five years of age or older

Students who are eligible to apply to live off campus must complete a Commuter Application and receive written permission from Truett-McConnell prior to entering into any agreements for off campus housing. Forms are available from Admissions and Student Development or you may print the form and mail it to:

Truett-McConnell College
Attn: Admissions
100 Alumni Drive
Cleveland, GA 30528

Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the academic term.

Non-Traditional Housing

Truett-McConnell offers a limited number of two-bedroom units for married and other non-traditional students, all unfurnished. Students who desire this type of housing should contact Student Development at the earliest possible date. Assignments are made according to the date of receipt of the housing application in conjunction with availability. A key and damage deposit must be paid upon receipt of a housing assignment.

For availability and additional information contact Havilah Miller at ext. 191.

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