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Statement of Purpose

The Music and Fine Arts Division is rooted firmly in a strong Christian and liberal arts tradition. It is committed to providing for each music student, an opportunity to obtain beginning and progressive musical training leading to a degree in music. In addition, it seeks to provide for the interested student, an opportunity to study music as one of the fine arts for the enrichment of his/her academic and personal life.

It is also the purpose of the Music and Fine Arts Division:

  1. To develop functional and disciplined musicians, through the various degree programs, who are able to adapt to a variety of professional situations, or to continue successfully advanced studies in graduate programs. To this end, the music faculty commit themselves to excellence in curriculum planning, instruction and student advisement.
  2. To be responsive to the needs of the Truett-McConnell College student body by providing opportunities for musical experiences through participation in vocal and instrumental ensembles, applied lessons, and through the offering of Music Appreciation classes.
  3. To be responsive to the needs of the student body and the surrounding community by producing and maintaining a Fine Arts Series. The Fine Arts series will include events in which community members and students can participate or can attend. These events include recitals, choral and instrumental concerts, and musical theater productions.
  4. To be responsive to the needs of Georgia Baptists and to the Christian community at large by providing an example of musical excellence, by training future ministers of music, by providing music ensembles to assist congregational worship, and by assisting the Music and Worship Ministries of the Georgia Baptist Convention in providing music programs for Georgia Baptists.
  5. To be responsive to the needs of PK-12th grade Music Education students in the state of Georgia and beyond by providing music education training in in both choral and instrumental settings.

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