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All Degree Programs have a Great Commission Minor

Truett-McConnell College offers online Bachelor degrees taught from a Christian worldview in.

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World Missions



What does this mean for you?

This means that each class will examine and emphasize its content through the lens of Scriptural truth. The quality of your online education is enhanced when based upon God's inerrant and infallible Word.

Why is this important for you?

In today's business world, ethics too often take a back seat to the bottom line. As a Business major, you will learn to operate your business using biblical ethics. The Christian culture is not without its shortcomings, too. So, as a Christian Studies major you will be taught by theologically conservative professors who stand firm in their Christian beliefs and hold fast to biblical doctrine from a historical Baptist perspective.

How will you benefit?

Completing a Truett Online degree program equips you for your chosen career with the confidence of a fully accredited education and the certitude of strong biblical convictions. The surety of God's Word and the quality of your academic preparation can enable you to be a success in both your temporal and spiritual endeavors.

How Do I Know If Online Learning is Right For Me?

A prospective online student should consider the following issues before enrollment:

    • Time Management – Can I balance my time among courses, family, and work?
    • Motivation – Am I motivated to finish what I start?
    • Flexibility – If I like flexibility (taking courses on my schedule), then online learning may be for me.
    • Self-Directed – I will receive some instruction and direction in an online course, but much of the learning experience is self-directed; I am in charge of how I learn.

What is the Online Learning Experience Like?

In most cases, it's not like a regular classroom. Online learning courses are provided via technical means. You will have the flexibility of accessing your course on your own schedule. You'll also find that you will be able to interact with the instructor and fellow students more often through mediated channels (forums, email, chat) than you would be able to do in a classroom environment.

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