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Academic Enrichment Services


Academic Enrichment Services include developmental studies, and learning assistance (on campus tutoring in English and Math and multi-discipline tutoring on-line), and special support services. Academic enrichment services are designed to promote and strengthen the development of learning skills in areas that are basic to college success, and to enhance the overall academic environment.

Developmental Studies
The developmental studies courses serve students who are in need of special academic assistance. Courses are designed to improve students' basic abilities in the areas of study skills, writing, reading, and mathematics. Students who place in developmental studies courses must complete successfully all developmental studies courses before completing more than 30 hours of college credit. A student may take any single developmental course a maximum of 3 times. These courses award institutional credit, which is nontransferable and will not count toward graduation. Any student who must take a developmental studies course must complete that course with a grade of "C" or better before enrolling for any higher numbered course in the same field.

Course Limitations for Developmental Studies Students
Advisors will direct students to enroll in courses the students should be able to complete successfully while in developmental studies courses. Students who are placed in EN 99 will be directed to take courses that do not require strong writing skills, and students placed in MA 98 or MA 99 will be directed to take courses that do not require strong mathematical skills.

An on campus tutoring service in mathematics and English is provided during regular hours, and additional tutoring sessions may be arranged at other hours. On-line, multi-discipline, tutoring is also available for students. These services are available between 16 and 24 hours a day. There is no cost to students for these services.

Support Services
The Office of Special Support Services provides reasonable accommodations to students who complete a Disclosure of Disability Form and provide the appropriate documentation of disability. Accommodations for students with disabilities are individually determined.

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