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Cleveland, GA (November 12, 2010) - Truett-McConnell College is now making textbook purchasing easier through a company called MBS Direct.

MBS Direct allows students to purchase books online with confidence and guarantees that students will receive the right book for their course. In addition, MBS Direct works with the school to ensure accuracy so students don’t receive the wrong editions. MBS Direct ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

TMC senior Hanna Stafford exclaims, “I really like MBS Direct. It gives me the list of all the classes and all I have to do is find the classes I am taking and MBS Direct displays the books required for the courses. I select the ones I want then checkout and pay. The best part about MBS Direct is it gives me the option to either purchase books at its prices or use the ISBN # and look for the book elsewhere.”

MBS Direct makes ordering easier with these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your virtual bookstore at www.mbsDirect.net
  2. Select the courses in which you are enrolled.
  3. View the books you need for your course.

Then wait for materials to be shipped directly to your location!

Students can also visit www.truett.edu and click on the “order your textbooks” link. This link will lead you directly to Truett-McConnell’s virtual bookstore.

The mission of Truett-McConnell College is to equip students to make a positive impact for Christ through disciplined scholarship and Christian discipleship. For more information about Truett-McConell College call 706-865-2134 or visit us online at www.truett.edu


Written by: Vicky Kaniaru

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