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Dorm room Bible studies at TMC
by Charissa Veal

CLEVELAND, Ga., (TMCNews)--Chelsea Mann committed to lead a Bible study in her dorm for the fall 2012 semester. Sensing God's timing, though, she waited till spring.

The wait proved providential as Mann filled a gap by starting a Bible study when the previous one had ended.

As a resident assistant in Otwell Hall, Mann teaches one of several student-led Bible studies held in residence halls across the Truett-McConnell College campus. All six dorms have a corporate Bible study. Additionally, there are a dozen others that garner more than 130 participants.Resident Assistant Chelsea Mann leads one of several in-dorm Bible studies at TMC. Photo/Lillian CottinghamResident Assistant Chelsea Mann leads
one of several in-dorm Bible studies at TMC.
Photo/Lillian Cottingham

"Truett-McConnell College is committed to providing an environment that cultivates Christian growth and encourages discipleship not only in the classroom, but across the campus and in our activities beyond the classroom," said Andrew Gailey, co-director of student development. "One of the ways we accomplish this is through the numerous Bible studies in all of our residence halls that are student-led."

Mann told TMCNews that leading the Bible study is as much a learning experience for her as for those she teaches.

Because she previously studied the Book of Esther, Mann chose it for her Bible study; however, she says she is learning so much more than the first time. Her goal in revisiting Esther is to dig deeper into the Bible, verse-by-verse, as well as to tie in the cultural and historical backgrounds of the people connected with the story.

Walking through the book of Esther has taught Mann a lot about God and His presence. "Seeing how the Lord's hand was so evident when His name wasn't even mentioned," Mann said, is a theme of the book that she finds mind-blowing. "His hand of providence is just there--on Esther and Mordecai and on the people."

Through Mann's obedience and teachable spirit, she has led her fellow students to discover new insights into Esther's life and character. "The Lord has not just chosen me to teach them, but he's teaching me just as much."

Katelyn Coburn, who attends Mann's Bible study, is also learning about the presence and sovereignty of God: "I love being reminded ... that God is completely in control of every situation. Even when I doubt or fear, God is already in and over the situation, and that is absolutely amazing."

Thousands of years ago, God used Esther's obedience not only to save her people, but also to shape an example for the people coming thousands of years later. Emilee Merritt has been inspired and encouraged through Esther's example, saying, "I have loved reading through the book of Esther again and seeing how God blesses her obedience. God is in the process of calling me to some great things ... and it is definitely important to remember that He will bless me if I just obey."


Charissa Veal is a TMC English major.

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