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Capstone/missions students minister abroad

After an incredible week of working in the eastern part of Turkey, Truett-McConnell's 2013 Capstone group toured the Seven Churches of John's Revelation. The first night we spent in Assos -- a port city where Paul and Luke would have landed and worked during Paul's third missionary journey. Several days and several churches later we made our way to the streets of the biblical city of Ephesus.

The ancient city, currently 20 percent excavated, has the market area where Paul, along with Priscilla and Aquila, would have made and sold their tents. We also visited the 25,000-seat rock amphitheater – once home to gladiator fights, concerts, and even the torture and murder of Christians, whose blood flowed deep and red in the wide trough dug around the stage. After Paul's miraculous conversion, he preached the Gospel in this same theater.

Our students were honored to stand in the same spot where Paul preached. Senior Jacob Spencer stood center stage before our students and numerous tourists and he *sang "Amazing Grace." It was hard not to think of the apostle Paul when Jacob sang the updated addition to the old-time hymn:

My chains are gone / I've been set free
My God, my Savior, ransomed me
And like a flood / His mercy reigns
Amazing Love / Amazing Grace

June was an amazing month as I watched the Lord Jesus Christ use six of our missions students in powerful ways. Yet, it is not only what the Lord has done through them, but what He is doing in them that is such a blessing to watch. Each year I am deeply proud of our students, who give up their summer and serve the Lord overseas on mission trips.

This year, our Capstone students labored for the Lord in Turkey for nearly three weeks, and are now beginning to serve Him in Thailand for 24 more days. Please continue to pray for these young warriors for Christ as they wisely and boldly take the Good News of Christ to Thailand.

*Click here to see a video of Jacob Spencer singing Amazing Grace at the amphitheater in Ephesus.


Submitted by
Dr. H. Edward Pruitt
Director, World Missions Center
Assoc. Prof. of Christian Studies
World Missions/Christian Studies Chair

Thanks to LookLex for the amphitheater photo.
See the photo online here: http://i-cias.com/e.o/ephesus.htm

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