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About the Chapel


Towering more than 200 feet above the highway that fronts Truett-McConnell's campus will be the spire atop the proposed chapel approved for construction by TMC trustees. Poised as the centerpiece of the campus, the chapel will mark the local landscape in an iconic way. More significantly, however, what occurs inside the magnificent structure will mark the lives of those who enter.

Inasmuch as the new chapel will be central to the campus, it also will represent the centrality of biblical preaching and God-honoring worship in the lives of students, staff and faculty.

Above all else will be the honor offered to God as you support the new chapel project.

Download the Chapel Brochure

With a 2200-seat auditorium, the facility will be the largest venue in North Georgia, thus enabling the college to host events of interest to TMC's constituents and the surrounding community. A 300-seat banquet hall, a 150-seat recital hall, and an entire wing for Music and Fine Arts are planned.

The chapel's entrance hall will honor two historic periods in Baptist life: Anabaptists of the 16th century and the Conservative Resurgence of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Contact us today for more information about how you can assist with the chapel project.

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