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by Norm Miller

"The Internet is the most important single development in the history of human communication since the invention of call waiting." That's how humorist Dave Barry views web-based communiqués.

Barry's comical, lighthearted sentiments about email, for example, hardly reflect Truett-McConnell's commitment to keep alumni informed and encouraged about what God is doing at your alma mater. We have a much different take on that.

Communication, however, is a two-way street. Inasmuch as we are now communicating more regularly with you, we, too, would like to hear routinely from you. If you will tell us what's happening in your life and ministry and church and career, we will pass the good news on to those who care about you -- your fellow alums.

Consider, if you would, this quote by Sidney J. Harris: "The two words 'information' and 'communication' are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through."

One of the ways we will know if we are "getting through" to you is when you "get through" to us. So, as your "Alumni Advance" e-newsletter matures, please feed us the information needed to help it grow. And when that information is sent to your peers, then effective communication takes root, grows and begins to blossom.

Let us hear from you.

by Dr. Stacy Hall

Annual giving is an important revenue source for any college. It's an opportunity for alumni and friends to show their support each and every year. It's an opportunity to give back to a college that once invested in them, or an opportunity to invest in another young person's life. Most colleges include this annual funding as part of their budget, relying on the revenue to fund various programs or initiatives on campus.

It's no different at Truett-McConnell College. TMC depends on its generous donors and their annual gifts to help fund student mission trips, student scholarships, academic and building programs, as well as other critical campus needs. A gift to Truett-McConnell is a statement that you support what God is doing on this campus and how the Holy Spirit is alive and well within our students. I have only been working for TMC since January of this year, but I have seen firsthand many examples of students displaying a passion and thirst for our Lord and Savior. It is truly inspirational.

I pray that you consider giving annually to Truett-McConnell. Every alum, any amount, every year, can make a big difference. To donate today, please go to http://www.truett.edu/giving-opportunities/annual-fund.html.

Truett-McConnell Alumni Association

 Through the years we have seen many changes at Truett-McConnell yet the heart of the college remains committed to those eternal principles that have always made it a special place.

For many, TMC is where they made major life decisions -- discovering their MASTER, their MISSION, and for many, they discovered their life's MATE. Many networks and friendships have been developed at Truett-McConnell that have provided life-long relationships.

God continues to bless Truett-McConnell with a growing student body as a four year college and an accredited Master's program. Our alumni network is also growing.

To enhance the overall alumni network, we are organizing and conducting TM-TOPTOWNS luncheons or dinners across the state to gather alumni and friends for networking and fellowship. The Alumni Association sponsors and conducts numerous other events during the year to mobilize alumni and provide networking opportunities.

We are grateful for our alumni and friends who connect with friends, faculty and their college. Without the support of alumni and friends, Truett-McConnell would not be able to see the accomplishment and growth that we are experiencing. We do not take that support for granted.

What does a connected, loyal and supportive alumnus look like?

We see five areas our connected alumni excel in:

  1. REMEMBER – pray for your college (students, faculty, administration, staff and fellow alums).
  2. RETURN – come back to your college to refresh and to enlarge your Truett-McConnell network (especially make alumni weekend a part of your plans).
  3. RECRUIT – in your network of friends and family, encourage students to consider Truett-McConnell as their college of choice.
  4. RECOMMEND – share Truett-McConnell as a worthy place for those who desire to invest in Kingdom work and in the next generation of leaders equipped with a biblical worldview.
  5. REPRESENT – as Truett-McConnell alums, we may be the only way many people ever know about this college and the work God is doing on its campus.

Together, we can be part of connecting and assisting one another as well as our college to continue to be all that God intends us to become.

Feel free to contact our office when we can assist you in way. The next time you are in the North Georgia Mountains, stop by your alumni office for a campus visit. We would like to show you what God is doing at your alma mater.


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by Steve Patton

Please mark your calendar to attend Truett-McConnell College's Homecoming and Alumni Weekend, November 9-10. We have an exciting time planned for you, and I am hoping to meet every one of you.

Also, please click this link that leads to a schedule of upcoming events. Allow me to share some details about a few of them.

TMC's Jazz Ensemble kicks off the first event of our celebration on Friday night, 7-9 p.m. During this time we'll enjoy plenty of fellowship and a few remarks from select people. Afterward, we'll walk to the cross at the hilltop, where we'll sing a couple of songs, and TMC President Dr. Emir Caner will close the evening's festivities in prayer.

On Saturday morning we will offer a continental breakfast in Miller Hall and hold our Alumni Association meeting. From there we will connect alums with each other through group gatherings designated initially by decade of attendance to TMC, and then to the groups you were involved in during school or during your work career. We even plan to have former athletes connect with our coaches, and career ministers of all ages will have a room to gather.

In addition to reflecting on what God has done in the past, and is doing now in your life, we hope you also find some new friends as these group meetings should provide a fulfilling time of fellowship and fun for all.

On Saturday, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m., we will meet on the front lawn. Dr. Caner will address the crowd, and TMC's Praise Team will rock the stage. Then we'll eat barbequed chicken for lunch followed by the recognition of Outstanding Alumni and Young Alumni.

Additionally, some of our TMC athletes will be on-hand to gives tips and pointers from their respective sports. Some of you golfers may be especially interested in this.

The Lady Bears -- our women's basketball team -- will face Reinhardt College at 2 p.m., followed by a men's game between both schools. At halftime of the men's game, TMC's homecoming king and queen will be announced. After the game, please feel free to have supper at your favorite Cleveland restaurant.

We hope to see you here, Nov. 9-10.

Truett McConnell College at a Glance




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