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How will they hear unless YOU go?


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The 2013 mission trip to Malaysia will put students in a culture of Sikhism, where Sikhs believe "Every human being is the Light of the Divine contained in a human form" (cf. www.sikhnet.com).

Malaysia has a large population of Sikhs and Truett-McConnell students will live for two weeks in Sikh communities, engaging Sikhs with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Light of the World.

Though students will already have a working knowledge of the Sikh culture, the mission trip will provide further training and serve as a laboratory for students to experience cross-cultural missions.

Details: May 20 - June 4, $3,565


The 2013 mission trip to Thailand will give students the opportunity to engage Buddhists and Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While Thailand is predominately Buddhist, many Muslims live there, too. Students will be exposed to Buddhists and Muslims in their workplaces and homes, thus providing opportunities to share Christ in a variety of cross-cultural settings.

Of particular note is the opportunity students will have to interact directly with Buddhist Monks.

Details: July 3 - 20, $3,326

For more info call the
World Missions Center: 706.865.2134, x. 292.

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