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This weeks chapel speaker was Rodney Baker, Pastor of Hopeful Baptist Church in Lake City, Florida. Pastor Baker expounded on Acts 8:26-40. He posed two questions: 1. Did you ask the Holy Spirit to fill you this morning? 2. Did you ask God to bring a lost person across your path this morning? He encouraged students to do the following:

  • Be sensitive to the spirit
  • Proceed tactfully
  • Share the scriptures
  • Present Jesus
  • Follow through to completion

His compelling message encouraged students to witness to the people in their life in a fearless way. He shared that if we are filled with the spirit, we won’t be afraid to share Christ with others and we will be glad we did.

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Mr. Bill Britt Evangelist with Compel Outreach International in Gallatin, Tennessee spoke in chapel on Thursday. During this service, seven Truett-McConnell students came to know the Lord. He gave a powerful message about the importance of making Jesus Christ number one in our lives. He gave four points that were important to remember when living for Jesus:

  1. Worship Jesus Christ no matter the cost
  2. Work for Jesus
  3. Be a Warrior for Jesus
  4. Be a Witness for Jesus

He encouraged students to not be intimidated by the culture of today but to give their all to make Jesus Christ known to others.

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TMC President, Dr. Emir Caner spoke on Matthew 28:18-20 which states who we are supposed to be as Christians. Dr. Caner stressed the importance of who God has called us to be as Christians and that we should be faithful to the calling. He expressed that every person, saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, has a call on his or her life to fulfill the Great Commission. He declared that all Christians are called to be worldwide missionaries, and in the midst of persecution, we are to be faithful and continue to trust in the Lord. Dr. Caner testified that evangelism is a lifestyle and that we should have a passionate urgency to share Christ with the lost. He stated that all Christians must be involved in a local body of believers and that our purpose as Christians should be to grow and make disciples of others.

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Dr. Bryant Wright, Pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, Georgia spoke in chapel. His message was entitled “The Ultimate Soul Food.” He expounded on John 4: 27-34 as he described how Jesus broke the taboos of his day and that he lived in a way in order to bring others to himself. He encouraged Christians to seek to have an interest in others interest in order to bring them to Christ. Dr. Wright stated that the harvest of souls is “The Ultimate Soul Food.”

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Dr. Richard Land was the guest speaker at chapel. He spoke on the topic of religious liberty. He gave a historical review of what it means to have our religious freedom as Christians. He defined religious liberty as “the freedom to worship as you please according to the dictates of your own conscience, working out your own relationship with God, without any cohesive interference from the state, and no civil penalties for religious infractions. He stated that the Baptist way of religious liberty, gradually triumphed in the Constitution of the United States. He charged Christians with the thought that we must be salt and light on this earth and that since we have the freedom to do so, we are held accountable when we don’t.

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