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Leadership Opportunities

Christian Life Coordinators

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Christian Life Coordinators (CLCs) are active representatives of TMC to both current and prospective students. With a continual opportunity for ministry,CLCs contribute to the overall purpose of each residence hall as well as the collective campus by providing spiritual support and assisting in the planning and implementation of student activities. Duties also include assisting the Admissions Office as needed and working an average of 5 hours per week in the Student Center. CLCs will be paid a stipend each semester.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants represent the college and facilitate the community of their residence halls as well as enforce the policies of TMC in their respective dorms. Responsibilities include planning hall programs, sitting duty in the residence halls, checking residents in and out of dorm rooms, completing paper work, responding to emergencies, and building relationships with their residents. RAs are also required to attend residence life training during the summer. Compensation includes payment for room and a stipend.

Please contact the Office of Student Development at ext. 123 if you have any questions about any of these opportunities.

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