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As the 2010-2011 school year comes to an end, the excitement and hope for TMC’s upcoming semester hangs in the air. The building projects around campus seem to change overnight. Now that we see workers constructing the roofs and laying down the foundations, we students almost don’t mind the loud ruckus we hear outside while taking finals. As the school year comes to a close, we’re packing up our things, loading up our cars, and saying good-bye to close friends. However, the TMC construction crew will continue to work hard over the summer to prepare our school for the upcoming year! It will surely be exciting.

Despite the rain, construction on the TMC campus has continued to thrive. The sound of hammers and the beating of nails have become the norm as the first two floors of the new dorms have taken shape. Students, faculty, and staff, all gathered Tuesday afternoon for a prayer dedication – dedicating the structure and asking the Lord do bless the students who will be making their home in Fall of 2011. Attendees were given the opportunity to write a word of encouragement along with a verse on pieces of the plywood, to be placed on the third floor lobby. From the very foundation, this building, as well as all the projects around campus, has been bathed with prayer. “Lord, may Your hand be on every board, every nail, every resident, and every student, that comes into Truett-McConnell College; From the very first verse to the very last tribe.

Most likely you have been made aware of the construction going on around the Truett-McConnell College campus. This blog will serve to keep you up-to-date with the progress of the renovations and building projects going on. As you drive onto the campus, the view of bulky CAT equipment is usually there to greet you. The beeping of tractors and dump trucks, the clanging of tools, and the aroma of “breaking ground” are all reminders of the greatness that is taking place. As a student, it is hard not to be distracted when the ruckus outside is pulling your attention from the classroom to the excitement of what’s happening outside. The construction has caused a few inconveniences: who needs an alarm clock when you have the sound of tractors beeping to wake you up in the morning?

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