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Truett-McConnell College 

Tuition & Fee Schedule

 2013 - 2014 Semester Rates


Undergraduate Studies
 Full Time (12-18 hours) Flat fee $7,930
 Part-Time (<12 hours) Per Credit Hour $529
 Overload (>18 credits) Per Credit Hour $529
 Campus Fee Per Semester $275
Online Tuition Per Credit Hour $290
Online Tech Fee Per Semester $300
Graduate Studies
Per Credit Hour
Miscellaneous Fees
*Add/Drop Fee (per class) Per Course $15
Application Fee   $25
New Student Enrollment Fee   $150
Graduate Student Enrollment Fee
*Student Activity Fee    $50
*Parking Tag   $50
Applied Music Lessons Per Credit Hour $210
*Audit Fee Per Course $150
*Graduation Fee Per Graduation application $50
*Transcript Fee  Per Copy $10
*Transcript Special Handling Fee (Expedited) Per Transcript $25
*Returned Check Fee Per returned item $35
* Applies to both Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

  Annual Tuition & Fees $16,410
  Annual Tuition, Fees, Room & Board $23,110

Campus Housing & Board Fees 

Campus Housing Fees
Room & Key Deposit (refundable)   $0
Married Housing Rates    
Twin Springs   $4,800
Single Housing Rates    
Dormitory Housing    
    Sewell, Garrison, Merritt & Otwell    
    Two Bedroom   $1,550
    Private Room   $2,200
    New Dormitory    
    Two Bedroom   $1,700
    Private Room   $2,500
Apartment Housing    
Twin Springs    
    Semi-private   $1,880
    Private Room   $2,600
Cleveland Courts    
    Semi-private   $1,700
    Private Room   $2,500
Campus Board Plan
Student (19 meals per week)   $1,800
Commuter Plan (declining balance plan)   $900


Please refer to the Business Office Q&A Page for answers to other questions concerning tuition payment questions.





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